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Pickle Factory Productions
About Us

Just who are these crazy gals at Pickle Factory Productions?!

Joanna (Jo)

Joanna is one of the cofounders of Pickle Factory Productions. She is a natural leader and just a little bit crazy, as are all the members of Pickle factory Productions.

She says about forming Pickle Factory Productions, "Well, Ange says to me, she says, 'Hey Jo, you wanna start a thing were we get together and make movies, and stuff, you know.' And I says to Ange, I says, 'what the hell!' But seriously, I love making movies and would like to make music videos for a living! See Mari, I used your idea!"

Andrea (Ange)

Andrea is the second cofounder of Pickle Factory Productions. She prefers to be infront of the camera, instead of behind (as Jo likes to be), and aspires to be a famous actress one day. She is the crown jewel of the cast of Pickle Factory Productions!

Sara (nickname pending)

Sara's passion lies not in acting or directing, but in Clint Moffatt. "It was originally supposed to be Clint's Pickle Factory" says Sara of the production company's name, which was her idea.

Vanessa (Vanny)

Often referred to as the leprachaun, Vanessa is the timid one of the bunch. But don't be fooled by her innocent appearance - once given the right amount of sugar, you'll never pull her down off the ceiling!

Vanny is a lot of girl power wrapped in a small package. Even though you may not see it, she is an important part of Pickle Factory Productions.

Stephanie (Stepha)

"She's crazy!" Ask anyone about Stepha, and this is usually the first response you'll get. This paranoid mobster from Italy is definitely the biggest ham of Pickle Factory Productions. She's always in the spotlight! She's always making us laugh, whether it be obsessing over her latest crush, trying to convince us she was abducted by aliens, or pretending to be an Italian mobster.

Stepha is our resident musician with an amazing talent for composing music and lyrics that could move mountains. Her interests include angels and the predictions of Nostradamus.

Kara (Kare Bear)

Without a doubt Kara is our most talented singer. "My music is the most important thing in my life. I'm most myself in music." says Kara about her passion.

She recently obtained the lead role in Godspell as Jesus, as well as Anne in Anne of Green Gables in her musical theatre class. Unfortunately this will make her appearances at our meetings rare, but we'll be sitting front row to cheer her on. Way to go Kara!

Marianne (Mari)

"I'd rather be writing than anything in the world." Says this crazy member of Pickle Factory Productions. Best known for her obsession with leopard print stuff, Mari hopes to one day be a psychiatrist, as opposed to the Hollywood-style careers the other members are aiming for. "I want people to call me Doctor. I want respect. Oh, and lots of money."

Jessica (Jess)

Smart 'n sassy. That's Jessica in a nutshell (and what a nut she is!). This is a girl who won't take any crap from anyone! And with a voice that could put Christina Aguilera to shame (and a much better fashion sense), you can look forward to seeing Jess at the Grammys in a few years!

Her sarcastic sense of humor and passion for singing and acting complete the Pickle Factory team.

Pics of Us

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Ange practices her superstar look










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