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Pickle Factory Productions
Pickle Pics

Here are some pics of those crazy gals at Pickle Factory!

A very cute pic of Jess & Jasmine

This is Jessica. And once again making an appearance...Jasmine! She's on this site more than the actual members of Pickel Factory!

Joanna modelling our school uniform

Joanna in our crappy school uniform!

Jasmine attacking Sara

Sara getting attacked by Jasmine! She just loves having her picture taken!

A cute Jo and a drunk Stepha

Jo looking all sweet 'n innocent, and Stepha looking, well... drunk.

the Pickle Factory team, minus Mari & plus 2 extras

Top L to R: Ashlee, Ange, Jo, Sara, Stepha. Bottom: Jess, Jasmine.

Kara and Stepha

A really nice pic of Kara and Stepha.

Mari & Jasmine

A cute pic of Mari & Jasmine from those little photo booths in the mall.

AAAAAH! I think they just saw themselves in the mirror

Top L to R: Mari, Stepha. Bottom: Vanny. A crazy photo booth pic!

Those crazy gals...

Another one of those crazy photo booth pics! We had fun that day, can't you tell?

The CUTEST pic of Sara ever!

Look at Sara! She's so cute! (Sara HATES being called cute)

Vanny with Mari's teddy bear

Vanny with Mari's teddy. What a pair!

Another cute one of Sara! Jo's in there somewhere...

Jasmine & Sara, with part of Jo's head

We'll change the pics as we upload more. Watch for pics from the filming of our skits, coming soon!