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Pickle Factory Productions

Here you can find all of our productions that we've completed so far.

Here are all our productions to date. You can read a short summary of the skit. Coming soon: view clips from the skits online with RealPlayer! Stay tuned!

Our Productions

The Friendly Psychic

This was the very first skit ever done by Pickle Factory Productions. It features the talented Stepha as the Friendly Crystal Ball, a wannabe psychic with only a cheap snowglobe, a towel wrapped around her head, and a crazy accent that'll keep you laughing all the way through...just cuz she looks and sounds so funny! Also appearing are Sara and Ange as the Friendly Psychic's clients. 30 seconds into this skit it's obvious why Jo suggests the title of this spot should be changed to the Friendly Psycho...

Fave moment: Stepha (in that crazy accent) exclaiming, "Don't touch! Buy in souvenier shop!"

Geri Springs

The second production from the Pickle Factory team. This was a rip off of the Jerry Springer-type shows, which, along the way, turned into an episode of Jenny Jones. The topic? Crazies, Psychos and Whores, with a special appearance by a drunk. Featured in this spot are Ange as Geri Springs, the host, along with her cohost Slut Barbie. It also features Mari as the drunk, Vanny as the leprachaun (a part she was born to play), and Stepha as the doomsday predictor, who looked oddly like A.J. from the Backstreet Boys - with long hair & boobs.

Fave Moment: Mari the Drunk beating on the Leprachaun for stealing her monkey Mr. Peepers.

The Armless, Legless Bum

Kara's first appearance in a Pickle Factory Productions skit. She plays a homeless person lacking arms and legs, drunkenly reminiscing about her former life, accompanied by a bag of chips and her dog (actually a wooden duck), which are stolen by cruel passers-by. Probably the funniest of our skits, and the most well-remembered.

Fave Moment: Kara, at the loss of her "dog", exclaiming in an odd voice, "At least I've still got my chips!"

What's new this month:

In our last meeting, we began work on a parody commercial, spoofing those ads where you always see celebrities talking about various diseases. A summary (and maybe even some pics from the filming) will be up soon!

Check back often for more Pickle Factory productions!